Photo sharing on Facekbook – old family photos.


Cindy –  That is amazing. Do you have more pictures?


Cindy –  Do you think they canned them?

Mark – I think he and Nolan took them down to Detroit and sold them. This matches a story that Nolan told


Mark –  That would be a lot of fish to can, though I’m sure Gramma probably snatched a few.

 Mark – I have never seen this photo before. I found it in the bottom of a box of miscellaneous stuff that was fairly recent.


Cindy –  I remember her canning suckers after we speared a bunch of them.


Cindy –  Would you retell some of Nolan’s stories about the family in your “Notes” section of facebook? I would like to hear some of them, and maybe some of the grandchildren would like to hear them, too.

Cindy – Thank you for sharing this photo.


Mark –  Nolan’s stories are mostly about him, but every now and again you catch a nugget like this one about our Grandparents, uncles and Aunts. It is possible that he may have given me this picture when Megan and I went to visit him during muzzle loading season three years ago. She might remember…by the way, talking to Nolan is much like talking to Clint Eastwood’s character in “Gran Torino”. Makes for vibrant and sometimes hilarious conversation, with a lot of “I can’t believe he said that” later.


Cindy –  I’ve seen Nolan just a few times, and I don’t know if I have heard any stories. Probably I did.

Mandy – very cool!

Joshua –  You nailed that description uncle mark.
Mark – Regarding Nolan? Yes the description of how he tells stories.
David – You must have gotten this from Nolan. I’ve never seen it before. Pretty cool.
 David – I remember that they cleaned all the fish and threw the remains in the gravel pit. That it stunk horribly when the wind blew towards the house and that grandma told them never to do it again.
Mark –  Most likely they caught them out of the Oqueoc, or Swan River in North Eastern Michigan. The photo was probably taken in the late 60’s.

David – I think the photo was in the 70’s… look how old grandpa looks in the picture. the salmon plants started in the early 70′ s.

David –   Salmon stocking began in 1966, so probably, given the four year cycle, this probably was taken no sooner than 1970 or 71.
David –  sounds about right.
David –   I can’t believe it was legal to keep this many fish ever.
Mark – lol ha ha ha ha
Mark –  Aunt Mary posted this in reference to the photo above “I can’t remember what year the pic was taken….the first year it was legal to fish salmon ….Grandma and I canned/frozen/smoked salmon until there wasn’t any room to store anymore fish… after wash tubs of fish and days of cleaning…Grandma said to your Grandfather the following: Bill Decker don’t you dare come home with anymore fish….it was so funny because she was so thrilled to have enough food for the season…and salmon was unheard of a that time and was a luxury in those days. Too much of a good thing… a great memory.”

Mark-  Thank You Aunt Mary for the nugget of family history behind this photo.


Julie – Grandma Decker told me this story too, never quite knew if it was exaggerated, I remember asking Dave if you could really catch and keep that many fish??? Well now here’s the proof! Anyway, she wasn’t too happy about them always coming home and going straight to bed and she would have to take care of the fish, she also said sometimes they sold them in Detroit. This is when she told me ” never learn to do something you don’t want the job of”, meaning don’t learn to fillet fish or it will be your job forever! I’m sticking to that real good!
Cindy –  That’s a wise bit of wisdom there. That’s one of the reasons I don’t know how to start the lawn mower.
Mark – I’m hearing admission of deliberate ignorance. very disturbing.
David –  I never stack the dish washer quite right.. so it goes both ways.
Mark –  Wouldn’t it be easier just to say “you catch them, you clean them”? and if you don’t like the way I load the dishwasher then do it yourself?
 Cindy – Nope
David –  nope…. saying it ruins it.
Aunt Mary – at that time there wasn’t any limit and you could snag them…. mom and dad
filled there pantry before selling any…i didn’t know about the selling of salmon…i never knew that story.Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2011 19:33:05 -0800
Mark – We have had a exponential increase in regulations and laws since then. It may have been perfectly legal back then, but not any more. There is now a limit, and it is definitely illegal to sell any wild game. You can give it away though.

David – in the story I heard there was about twice as many fish. That’s Nolan for you.


Mark – From what Julie says she heard from Gramma, There were several occasions, so all of the above could be valid.


 O’Deal – dad got a lot of fish, can remember cleaning al thought fish and caning them. it was fun spearing them but the fun didn’t last.
Mark – Those were the days, The DNR introduced the species, and has done a marginal job managing them ever since. I remember that pick-up truck. It came before the blue one. Good to see you on Face Book Mom.
 Cindy –  Great bits of family history.

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