Printing Photos Before It’s Too Late

I was preparing photos for my crop club night last night when I realized that I only had enough photos for six more “chapters” in my current scrapbook. The chapters (groups of photos for the same event/subject) were from 2012. That’s how far behind I am on my scrapbooks.

Fortunately, I have a lot of photos on my Facebook page. And I had uploaded photos from my camera and Facebook to Snapfish (a photo printing company) through the summer of 2014. I just had not printed any in a long time. So I sifted through them and ordered some from Snapfish. And used Costco to order photos from the last eight months. I could keep my pictures on my electronic devices/websites, but there is just something wonderful about looking at a photo album.

Have you gotten behind on having your photos printed? Which service do you use? This time on Snapfish, I found that I could not copy the photos to my computer. They have some sort of program that only lets you copy a link to your photo. I have photos stored there from 2007. So if I want to go back and get an old photo, I have to order a print and scan it in. That is one of the issues with storing photos on photo website. You can lose control of your photos. Creative Memories went out of business. How many people lost their pictures? How many pictures have been lost when a camera was stolen, or a smartphone was dropped?

So, lesson learned. I need to keep up with printing my pictures for my scrapbooks.




About Your Remarkable Journey, too

Using scrapbooking and journaling to tell your remarkable story
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