Remember When…


How life has changed…


Remember when our phones were attached to the wall? We also had to rent the phone from the phone company. Soon after we moved into our first house, the telephone company stopped renting phones (late 80s, early 90s), and everyone had to buy their own phones for their houses. Our first one was black. I think we actually bought it from the phone company.

radiant-barrier-low-e-emissivity-material-playground-slide   DSC00261

Remember when slides were tall and scary. Hot or cold, depending on the weather. Remember when swings could make you fly, depending on your sense of adventure.

Remember when cartoons were available on Saturday morning and occasionally before or after school, if Mom let you watch them.  Remember arguments about which TV show to watch because there was only one TV in the house? In our house during the 70s, we could only get three channels: NBC, CBS, and PBS. I loved Loony Tunes, Scooby Doo, Tom & Jerry, and Captain America. My kids loved Power Rangers and Transformers.

What were your favorite cartoons?

Remember when parents used their voices to call children in from play? And if you were beyond the reach of their voices and they had to go and search for you, you were in trouble? In our house, the rule was you had to come in when the street lights came on. Sometimes they called us in when Grampa and Grandma arrived from up north with two bushels of green beans. We really didn’t want to come in, but those green beans sure tasted good later on. And we threw the bad ones at each other.

Remember role playing the characters from your favorite books or cartoon? We played Box Car Children, and would put sticks on the ground to mark out the different rooms of our houses. Then we would figure out how to feed ourselves – usually crackers we brought with us, which we pretended were loaves of bread that we baked, because our mother baked bread.

Remember when collecting rocks would fill take an entire afternoon. And when we got home, we could compare our treasures?

Remember when our quarter for allowance would buy a lot of stuff at the dimestore?

What are your remember whens?






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