Heritage Makers – Graduation 12 x 12

Graduation – My youngest daughter graduated from Cornerstone University this spring. I am working on a couple of pages in my Heritage Makers Studio (digital) to put in my Our Memories For Life traditional scrapbook (paper).


One of the things I really like is the ability to write longer entries in my scrapbook with the ease of typing. Also, this allow me to make corrections, edit, check for grammar, and spelling. Frankly, though, I really don’t like my handwriting that much. I like the flexibility of having several fonts to choose from, along with size options and ink color choices.

Here is the total page.


Cornerstone Graduation – 1


I used a template from Heritage Makes to create this page.  Heritage Makers Premier has over 10,000 templates and over 90,000 pieces of digital art. (http://www.heritagemakers.com/tour/premier-club/)

Here’s my web page in Heritage Makers if you are interested in either digital scrapbooking or traditional scrapbooking. http://www.heritagemakers.com/cindycleaver

Happy memory keeping!



About Your Remarkable Journey, too

Using scrapbooking and journaling to tell your remarkable story
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