5 Reasons to Share Photos on Facebook

When I was a young mother, sharing pictures involved either mailing the pictures to grandparents, other relatives, and friends 0r handing the picture to them in person. Getting pictures in the mail was something to look forward, and handing pictures to someone at least meant a nice visit. The way we shared pictures in the past, did have its advantages. Today, however, the vast majority of pictures are shared almost instantly via email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc….sometimes more than one method at the same time.

I like Facebook and I am not shy about admitting it. Facebook allows me to keep in touch with distant family and friends; it is an outlet for my occasional ranting; supplies me with funny pictures to share; keeps me informed about important events like birthdays, weddings, engagements, funerals, etc., in the lives of my friends; and wastes my time with a variety of solitaire games.

Anyway, I digress. Here are my five reasons

1) Sharing a photo on Facebook of events, such as graduations, baby pictures, weddings, etc., allows others to celebrate with you. (You can limit the people you share with by adjusting the privacy settings on each album or individual photo).

2) Sharing pictures gives you a place to store your photos. Since joining Facebook in 2009, I’ve had two cameras die, one phone crash, and a couple times a virus infected my computer and everything had to be erased (wiped). I lost some photos on those devices, but the ones I had uploaded to Facebook were safe. I typically share photos from my phone directly to Facebook. From my camera, I download my photos to my computer, and then upload to Facebook albums. When you need the photos, they will be available for your projects (such as Heritage Maker storybooks of Our Memories for Life scrapbooks).

3) Sharing photos on Facebook is an easy way to share events with others who also would like to have those pictures, such as my scrapbooking group. We have been cropping together for a least seven years. We sometimes go to weekend retreats together. We celebrate our yearly anniversary and we also have a cookie exchange every year. One person takes the group picture and shares it with the rest of us in our in private Facebook group. As scrapbookers, we also have our own cameras and we share those pictures with each other.  At my parents’ 50th anniversary, I took pictures and shared them with the rest of the family.

4) Sharing old photos on Facebook makes them available for others in the family. In my family, there were very few pictures taken. Some of those that were taken, have been lost.  Each of us has a few different pictures. When we scan them into our computer and post them on Facebook, our family members can download those pictures from Facebook for their photo albums – or just look at them.  The same goes for friends who also were in band, high school, elementary school, camp, etc.

5) Sharing photos on Facebook may beget stories. When my brother shared the picture of my grandfather standing next to a truck loaded with salmon on Facebook (https://yourremarkablejourney2.com/2014/05/22/the-story-of-two-photos/) , a long thread of comments began with stories from my brother, my sister-in-law, and my aunt (My aunt was there when it happened).

Here is a photo from a week of Wilderness Camp through Camp Barakel. We went up over the Mackinaw Bridge, through the upper peninsula to Sault Ste. Marie, over the Sault Ste. Marie International Bridge, into Ontario Canada. Over a week’s time, we swam in pristine lakes, pulled leeches off our legs from swimming in said lakes, portaged our canoes from lake to lake, climbed rocks (which I was terrible at), cooked with tin can stoves over a fire, slept in tents, carried our sleeping bags on our backs along with all the food we needed. We canoed across lakes, including one very large and choppy lake. That was a little scary. One of the gals on that trips shared this photo a few years ago, and it reminded me of one of the best weeks of my life.



“Photos without stories are memories lost.”

Facebook can be a tool in helping you both remember and tell your own remarkable stories.



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4 Responses to 5 Reasons to Share Photos on Facebook

  1. I love sharing photos on fb. I have so many albums and anytime I need a pic from a special occasion I don’t have to search thru disks or prints! It’s my online journey with my family! No shame here!

  2. dmussack says:

    I like that quote – “photo’s without stories are memories lost.”

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