5 Reasons Parents Should Scrapbook

Whether you scrapbook traditionally (with albums, pages, stickers, and papers) or digitally, our children reap benefits when we tell their stories through pictures.

1) — Reading. I have no evidence for this, but I believe that scrapbooking, with journaling, helped my kids learn to read.  When I began scrapbooking I had “books” to read to my children, which were about them and our family. So along with Where the Wild Things Are and Dr. Seuss, we read stories that were of utmost interest to them. I could point at the words and ask them “What does that say?” – help them with each word.

2) — Family Stories. One picture with a little description can lead to a 1,000 spoken words. Not that we need to journal a 1,000 words or even a 100 words. But if a picture shows grandma cooking fish and we write that description in our book, it may lead to a story about how Grandma always fried fish with her special fish flour, and there was this time when I was growing up when we were camping for a week at the Thornapple River, in huge green tent. We went fishing in a little row boat on the river, and your Uncle Mark caught the biggest fish. Grandma cooked the fish in a cast iron pan over an open fire. One night there was a thunderstorm, lightning, and heavy rain. All of our sleeping bags got wet, and snakes went under the floor of the tent….. Well, you never know what a picture might remind you of.

The great thing about scrapbooking is that you can get the book out again, and tell the same stories again. I think kids love to hear stories about their parents when they were growing up, and about themselves when they were younger. Family story telling creates a history and strengthens bonds within the family, both immediate and extended.

3) — Yes, we did do some fun things when you were a kid! We went camping*, we went to a baseball game, we went to Disney, etc. With a scrapbook, paper or digital, you have proof. Even if they don’t remember all the fun things, you have pictures of them having fun, and the retelling of those stories becomes part of their memories – their history.

4) — Scrapbooking encourages you to take spur of the moment pictures. We have plenty of posed pictures – school pictures, group pictures, etc. I don’t know about you, but my son’s school pictures were atrocious for many years. He just had a hard time sitting still for the pictures, he rarely looked at the camera at the right time, or smiled a happy smile. The best pictures I have of him were spur of the moment, with him doing something he enjoyed. That’s when the laughter was captured.

5) — You will have pictures for special events in your child’s future. When they graduate from high school, it will be easier to find pictures for the poster board. I prepared a scrapbook for each of my children from birth through high school. That scrapbook belongs to them. One of my favorite parts of weddings is seeing a slide show of pictures throughout the bride’s and groom’s growing up years. Funny and sometimes poignant – they add to the joy at the reception.



*Yes We Did Go Camping! Every summer. Here is proof. Although my kids claim they can’t read cursive…. When I created this scrapbook, digital photography was in its infancy. I had to take pictures with rolls of film, take them to the store to have them developed, and hope some of the pictures would turn out. And I didn’t always have a camera with me. Digital photography makes this so much easier. With my phone, I always have a camera at the ready, and I have better camera that I keep in my purse.  Heritage Makers makes it easy to get those pictures off your phone and into a memory book. I would love to show you how.


About Your Remarkable Journey, too

Using scrapbooking and journaling to tell your remarkable story
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5 Responses to 5 Reasons Parents Should Scrapbook

  1. lynnetteok says:

    Thank you very much for checking out my blog. One of my favorite things about people doing that is it gives me a link to theirs. What a great idea to blog about photos! I have boxes of pictures from when my children were growing up. I’m going to make up photo albums (or scrapbooks) for each of them. Your post reminded me how important it will be to put stories with those pictures.
    Thanks again,

  2. Thank you for returning here. Maybe you could get your photos out with a packet of post-it notes. Write notes about each photo on put the note on the back. Then when you are ready to put them in scrapbooks, you will know what is on them. Also, maybe sort your photos into envelopes or in a photo box with some sort of markers in between them.

  3. E.D. says:

    i used to do just that.. Now my daughter is 41, I don’t.. I keep everything in memory… thanks for the post. eve

    • My oldest daughter is 28, my youngest at 23, just graduated from college. There will be fewer and fewer opportunities for photo scrapbooking. But what I do have helps me to remember those times. I may change that in the future as well. Many of my photos today involve events that I have been part of and my flowers.

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