The story of two photos

It’s the same old story. Old photos are passed down to us with no name, no description, and no story.

No idea

We know that the picture came from my husband’s side of the family, and we know that a woman is taking the picture. But we don’t anything else. Perhaps the car was a new purchase, a hard won, hard scrabble purchase. It was a important moment because in those days, taking pictures was saved for special occasions, and this was special. It was a remarkable moment, but as Heritage Makers says, “Photos without stories are memories lost.”

The second photo is indeed remarkable and the story has not been lost.


My brother, Mark, posted this picture on Facebook, and gave a little history..

Just found this photo of my Grand Father sitting on the tailgate of a 60’s era pick-up truck, the bed of which is stacked two to three high with salmon. There must be a hundred or more fish in that truck

Aunt Mary posted this in reference to the photo above “I can’t remember what year the pic was taken….the first year it was legal to fish salmon ….Grandma and I canned/frozen/smoked salmon until there wasn’t any room to store anymore fish… after wash tubs of fish and days of cleaning…Grandma said to your Grandfather the following: Bill Decker don’t you dare come home with anymore fish….it was so funny because she was so thrilled to have enough food for the season…and salmon was unheard of at that time and was a luxury in those days. Too much of a good thing… a great memory.”

Another post from my sister-in-law, Julie…”Grandma Decker told me this story too, never quite knew if it was exaggerated, I remember asking Dave if you could really catch and keep that many fish??? Well now here’s the proof! Anyway, she wasn’t too happy about them always coming home and going straight to bed and she would have to take care of the fish, she also said sometimes they sold them in Detroit. This is when she told me ” never learn to do something you don’t want the job of”, meaning don’t learn to fillet fish or it will be your job forever! I’m sticking to that real good!

This blog is about saving your pictures, and telling the remarkable journey that they represent. What do you know about the photo? When it was taken? Who is in the photo? Why? All these add meaning to our lives, and enhance our enjoyment.




About Your Remarkable Journey, too

Using scrapbooking and journaling to tell your remarkable story
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5 Responses to The story of two photos

  1. momfawn says:

    Thank you for visiting me at Photo Fun with Fawn, Cindy. I, too, have a soft spot in my heart for telling family stories, and I enjoyed looking at the truck full of salmon. Facebook is a lovely tool for sharing tales. – Fawn

  2. I think that photo sharing is one of the great things about facebook. My siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles have a few old, old photos here and there. If we scan them in and post them on facebook, we can share our stash with others in the family. And many of us have a different piece of the story.

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  4. hya21 says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I remember when my parents would write on the back of the actual photo so that we’d know the context, but these we can just add the captions.

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